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Drenched Rob on Jimmy Fallon

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Rob is usually relaxed on Jimmy Fallon’s show but today he was maybe a tad too relaxed… His talk about peeing on the armchair Carrie Underwood was about to sit on was maybe too British a joke but we love to see Rob having so much fun. They talked about country music and Rob’s visit to Nashville, about his L’Uomo Vogue photoshoot where he liked a shot of him wearing a certain pair of tight leather pants which in the end wasn’t printed (why…why?) and instead they printed the one with the “nipple armory”. But the fun part came afterwards with the water war game. Really fun to watch and apparently to play because Rob exclaimed: “This is my favorite talk show in America!” I have to comment on how chivalrous Rob is… When he kept having winning hands, he still drenched himself and not Jimmy. That’s our Rob! Check out the vids here (Part 3 is the water war one):

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