Rob and Kris Forever

Positive energy for Robert and Kristen

About the blog

Call me romantic or old fashioned but I need to believe in happy endings, hence the title of the blog. I’ve been a huge fan of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and their sharing a life outside the silver screen just brought the silver lining a little bit closer. Living in beautiful but tormented Greece, focusing on the positive side makes a whole lot of difference.

Due to recent events, my favorite blog (my happy place) “” has been inactive and it seems this will be permanent. As my opinion of both Kristen and Robert has not changed in the least, I decided to create a blog that will post news concerning their lives (or life?) … casually (no stress over being among the first to re-post news items) and with some commentary. I do not intend to publish pap material, offensive views or unsubstantiated nasty rumors. I want the blog to be uncluttered (if you want to see tons of fan pics or videos, there are dozens of places that offer this) but most of all, I want it to be full of positive energy for our favorite young actors. So there you have it.



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