Rob and Kris Forever

Positive energy for Robert and Kristen

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Kristen supports Jillian Dempsey

Jillian Dempsey is Kristen’s usual makeup artist, and in December 2013 she launched a jewelry line. Kristen was there to support her gal.


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Kristen and Amy at the OTR after party

While Rob did not attend the On The Road screening at the AFI Fest, he did show up for the after-party. According to valid reports, Kristen changed into a leather jacket and flat shoes and was seen in deep conversation with Amy Adams who gave her a big hug before leaving. Rob and Kristen while spending most of the night apart talking to friends, left together.  I’m not eager to post sighting news but Amy’s hug to Kristen was sweet so I gave in…

Info via Robsessed

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My take on the pap pics from Kristen’s home

There’s been a lot of speculation as to why celebrity site Popsugar which had the exclusivity of posting pap pics showing Rob and Kristen in private moments at her new home, removed the pics claiming “After learning more about the circumstances surrounding the images previously posted in this story, we have decided they are not up to our editorial standards. We have removed them out of respect for the privacy of celebrities”. Some say that the pics were illegal as that was someone’s home and not a public place, some say that the whole thing was staged by Summit who are desperate to prove to everybody that Rob and Kristen are solid and some think that yes, it was staged but then the couple faked indignation and pulled a lawsuit threat to preserve their anti-PR image. In my humble opinion, if the whole thing was PR, then why didn’t they walk hand in hand in a nice park or along the beach like we see so many celeb wannabes do calling the paps to spread a particular message? Why did it have to be Kristen’s home? Or did Kristen go as far as to purchase a new home for just a couple of months just to stage  PDA between her and Rob before the release of BD2? I don’t think so. I think there might be another explanation. Kristen’s people might be more desperate than she is to prove that she and Rob are an item and they might have called the paps without her knowing. The pics were released, the message was relayed loud and clear, but when Rob and Kristen found out, they reacted in a very logical way. By threatening with lawsuits. Probably some of Kristen’s people are having a hard time right now hearing her piece of mind. They really did cross the line. There could have been other, simpler – and most of all – legal ways if it was all a big lie. At least, that’s what I think…

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Kristen went to Florence, Rob to New York


While Kristen enjoyed a Florence and the Machine concert in the company of her No. 1 man (no, not that one … her Dad) Rob flew to New York to catch up with his best buddy, Tom Sturridge, Sienna Miller and their cute as a button new baby girl, Marlowe. Could he be considered as the baby’s godfather? That would be great! As per the blog’s policy, I won’t publish pap pics of either sighting, but this gives me the opportunity to post a photo of one of my favorite Kristen red carpet looks – the stunning red dress she wore at the Cosmopolis screening at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Her escort? None other, than Rob’s best friend and her castmate in On the Road, Tom. Now, it’s been rumored that Rob’s friends are not so hot about his getting back together with Kristen. However, I’m thinking that Tom cannot be among them – if the rumor is valid in the first place. Back in 2008, Sienna was involved in a similar situation and I’m sure she can only be supportive of Kristen so Tom can’t be far behind. Supportive friends and family… That’s exactly what Rob and Kris need right now. It’s good to know that they have it.