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Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Always funny when guesting for Jimmy Kimmel, Rob appeared to be too worried about his socks and oversized shoes and sat on his feet for most of the interview. Jimmy loves Rob and didn’t ask weird questions but we found out that he went sky diving in Australia and loved it (“that’s how I want to die”), that he wouldn’t vote because he doesn’t like any sort of responsibility (“I would vote for people like me NOT to vote”) – yeah, Rob – and that he can’t understand why a peck of a kiss in the movie sounds so loud … and then he made the mistake of likening his mouth to a vacuum which caused a lot of howling and made him embarrassed. Check out the vids:


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Rob, Kristen and Taylor’s ‘Exit Interviews’ to Shaun Robinson


Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood is one of my favorite Rob interviewers as they have this ‘hair fondling’ history which at first I thought made him feel awkward but it turns out he seems to enjoy it enough to bring it up. She also manages to make original questions not the usual boring ones we hear over and over during Twilight promo tours like “Which was your favorite scene?” / “How do you feel now that it’s coming to an end?” So here’s a video of her ‘retirement exit questions’ to all three cast members. Rob’s answers, of course, make Shaun laugh her head off. Plus, we learn more about beauty products…