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Rob’s rapid fire round on Live with Kelly & Michael

After Kristen, it was Rob’s turn to visit the set of Live with Kelly & Michael to talk about his sky diving experience (“like therapy“) his favorite hotel mini bar snack (“gummy bears“)  but the fun part was the Rapid Fire Question Round. Rob was hilarious as he just said whatever came into his mind which wasn’t really a reply to the question asked but he did better with multiple choice. Check out the vid:


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Drenched Rob on Jimmy Fallon

Rob is usually relaxed on Jimmy Fallon’s show but today he was maybe a tad too relaxed… His talk about peeing on the armchair Carrie Underwood was about to sit on was maybe too British a joke but we love to see Rob having so much fun. They talked about country music and Rob’s visit to Nashville, about his L’Uomo Vogue photoshoot where he liked a shot of him wearing a certain pair of tight leather pants which in the end wasn’t printed (why…why?) and instead they printed the one with the “nipple armory”. But the fun part came afterwards with the water war game. Really fun to watch and apparently to play because Rob exclaimed: “This is my favorite talk show in America!” I have to comment on how chivalrous Rob is… When he kept having winning hands, he still drenched himself and not Jimmy. That’s our Rob! Check out the vids here (Part 3 is the water war one):

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Rob evades relationship question on the Today show

Savannah Guthrie, co-host of the Today show, is quickly becoming the most annoying interviewer for Rob and Kristen as she just HAS to ask the relationship question. After Kristen’s “keep ’em guessing” response, it was Rob’s turn to try to evade giving a reply by laughing it out but he cleverly turned the table asking “What I want to know … because we get asked it all the time … is who is actually asking? Is it in your contract?” – “It’s in fine print,” she answered but wouldn’t let go:

“Does it get annoying?” she asked. “Is it a high price to pay? You’ve gotten these films, it’s made you incredibly famous, there’s been so much good with it — but it is personal now.”

“It doesn’t have to be. It only gets personal if you answer it,” Rob replied, and burst into laughter. “I could just sit here and talk nonsense about…getting old, needing a nap.”  

That was not an innocent remark as that’s what they had been talking until then. Well, that made Ms Guthrie shut up and she moved on to safer ground. Check out the vid: